We are a centre for funeral services that has been successfully operating and rapidly growing for the past 8 years.

The head office is established in Lentvaris near Vilnius.

We provide all related services:

  • Transportation of the remains of the deceased
  • Cremation
  • Burial

Solution-focused activities of the company, carried out since 2008, allow us to guarantee prompt and professional assistance for our customers, especially when customers need it the most. The core of our team is composed of 15 professionals who will ensure that services are provided in an organised manner, while taking the individual circumstances of each customer into account.

Quality guaranteed

The experience we have gained in a relatively short period of time shows that we are capable of dealing not just with typical situations, but also with extraordinary situations. Our track record attests to our experience with the transportation back home of human remains in such high-profile cases as the death of mountaineers in France in 2013 or the death of a diving instructor in the Maldives in 2015. We also assist the TV3 broadcast “TV pagalba” (TV Help) with cases concerning the return of the remains of the deceased to Lithuania. Extraordinary cases involving the transportation of human remains back home are always personally supervised by our CEO.

 Focus on cross-border operations

We understand that in today’s modern world, where people tend to travel and migrate, international cooperation and reliable partners are of particular importance.

  • The company has offices in London (the United Kingdom), Saint Petersburg (Russian Federation), Riga (Latvia) and Tallinn (Estonia).

Our presence in several countries means that we are able to offer the best solutions for the transportation of remains both in Western Europe and Eastern countries. We are able to contact our partners within a short period of time, even in distant or exotic countries, allowing us to provide our customers with necessary information and organise further actions.

No intermediaries

We understand the significance of promptness and reliability in the performance of burial-related services, that is why our aim is to do everything ourselves. As of today, the company has offices in Lithuania, the United Kingdom, Russia, Latvia and Estonia, and can provide all services concerning the return or repatriation of the remains of the deceased, burial or cremation services. We listen to our customers’ demands, and can provide cremation services in foreign countries or Lithuania. We promptly deal with all transportation issues and the drawing up of documents over the phone and on site.

We always directly and immediately communicate with the relatives of the deceased, analyse each case separately, notify them of the progress of the provision of services, the expected time limits and provide any other necessary information.

Integrated solutions

We understand how sensitive the situation and emotions of our customers might be. For this reasons we can be a one stop shop for all solutions, offering our customers service packages they can choose from. For example, a package of the return of the remains of the deceased consists of information gathering, document handling, collection of the remains, placing of the remains in a galvanised metal coffin, and transportation and delivery of the remains at the indicated address in Lithuania. This package only excludes the costs of storage of the remains in a local foreign mortuary till the collection of the remains and local charges. Once the remains have been transported back home, we can allow a 30-50 per cent discount for dressing services, a coffin and burial services. Where possible, we take into account the financial situation of the relatives.

We are socially responsible

Our social responsibility is not limited to mediation for our customers – it is also at the core of our internal activities. We work closely with the local labour exchange, create jobs and provide work for people from the most socially vulnerable groups, i.e. the disabled, the elderly and individuals close to their retirement age.