The deceased repatriation from or to abroad. Cremation services in foreign country.

Death of relatives or friends abroad not only causes endless pain, but also many additional problems. The fastest way to get accurate information and expert assistance is to contact the company that provides the services of remains repatriation from foreign countries.

Should you have any questions about repatriation of remains from overseas/abroad, feel free to contact Ligamis centre of funeral services. Our company operates directly and without intermediaries in all European countries and neighbouring Middle East countries, while repatriation of remains from distant exotic countries is carried out through our company in London Aizz Company Ltd ( We also provide services for the cremation of remains in foreign countries.

Membership in the international umbrella organization of funeral companies FIAT-IFTA enables prompt contact with reliable partners in remote or exotic locations, to provide customers with operational information about the event, to prepare the necessary documents, and transport the remains of the deceased to his homeland in the quickest manner.

At any time of the day our qualified employee will provide information about the procedure of remains repatriation, the payment for services, and will take care of high quality service. Relatives only have to confirm the order, and sign the power of attorney; well the rest complex documents will be handled by the company representatives:

• we will contact the appropriate authorities abroad – police, prosecutors office, forensic experts, embassy staff;
• will obtain all necessary permits, death certificate, forensic extract, etc.;
• they will take care of proper transport of remains (airline transportation requires a special coffin, and for road transfers our company uses a specialized refrigerated transport that meets all European Union standards and hygiene requirements);
• after the service we will issue invoices and all necessary documents to receive support of the Republic of Lithuania for the transportation of remains;
• close family members will be kept informed about the progress of document preparation and transportation.

Document processing and transportation of deceased usually takes from 3 days to several weeks, depending on whether the foreign country conducts an investigation of the death, or not, the procedures of documents and authorizations in the country, because the documents can be processed only after police officers of the country complete the investigation on the death circumstances, if any. Preparation of documents and obtaining permits to transport the deceased usually takes 2-7 working days.

We will sincerely provide you with comprehensive information about the transportation procedure, and find out the real situation in your case – feel free to contact us at any time.

We have also repatriated remains from abroad in famous and publicly known cases such as after the deaths of mountaineers in France in 2013 or diving instructor’s death in Maldives 2015. We cooperate and assist the TV3 show TV help on the issues of transportation of remains.

Our repatriation package include (according exact your situation):
– Consultation with family, preparation of all the needed paperworks and certificates, translation into needed languages;
– Transferring the deceased into our care (24/7), morgue service;
– Embalming for the shipping by air according airline requirements (if transportation will be over air);
– Supply of the Repatriation zinc lined coffin, suitable for transportation by air and car;
– We can arrange the short time farewell in viewing chapel (depends on location);
– Or the full funeral service before repatriation;
– Delivery to airport or transportation by car (depends on your case and destination country).

We can provide services on destination country also:
– Pick-up from airport;
– Delivery to the needed location;
– Full funeral service.